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Dear visitors

Welcome to the website dedicated to the study of space in pictures.

For eons mankind has gazed at the heavens in wonder. The night sky ablaze is where our dreams mingle with the stars, where the combined questions of countless generations orbit the heavenly bodies. The radiant stars inspired the world’s mythologies to seek meaning above, to search for humanity’s origins in the voids of space; then a millennium of scientific growth confirmed that the Universe is indeed the source of all things.

The knowledge hidden in the laws governing the cosmos could theoretically answer all questions, if only we can decode that information. Hence the importance of exploring and studying space, to fold back the mysteries in the black in order to further our collective understanding of all things and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has been at the forefront of extending the boundaries of human knowledge for the past 50 years. Originally formed to improve all aspects of flight “within and outside the Earth’s atmosphere”; the understanding and technology developed by NASA has changed the lives of every person of the planet, from Velcro to memory foam to scratch resistant eye-glasses, many of the tools created for space have much appeal to the average citizens of this planet. NASA’s intends to continue stretching the limits of our understanding through space exploration with spectacular ambitions, for instance, the “Journey to Mars” has been the ultimate goal for some time and now, soon, the human species will be walking the surface of an alien planet.

First, however, the technology must be proven safe and reliable which is why a mission to land astronauts on the surface of an asteroid in the mid-2020’s has been planned. With the practical knowledge gained through the asteroid landing, the minds at NASA claim that humans will visit Mars by 2030. Besides the many wonderful inventions and conveniences made available by the efforts of NASA, what many people most associate with the government agency is the vibrant, colorful pictures of distant astrological phenomenon that captivates the mind and ensnares the eye in grace and natural wonder. The James Webb Space Telescope, The Hubble Space Telescope, and The Spitzer Space Telescope together provide the world with stunning photos of deep space nebulas and distant many hued clouds of gas and dust that are truly mesmerizing and enchanting. Despite the political turmoils that have divided this nation, there is at the least one government administration that still fills people with (bipartisan) hope. The many accomplishments of NASA have amazed Americans for generations and the future promises to be equally amazing. From the moon landing to landing on asteroids to a manned mission to Mars to eventual planetary colonization, NASA has and continues to redefine what’s possible.